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Adult Mood Ring, Moodring, color changing, ring, adjustable, gift, present, jewelry, birthday gift, valentines gift, friendship gift. Mood Ring Sterling Silver Emotions Life Breathe Calm Yoga Universe Love Feelings Soul Beach Coastal Summer Cabochon Rainbow 5 - 9. Mood Ring, 14kt.

If you were alive in the '90s, you most likely had a mood ring at some point. Even though they weren't always the cutest piece of jewelry (remember those thick color-changing silver bands?), they were so damn cool for some reason. Well, not exactly since they're heat-sensitive, but.

Boho Mood Ring. Regular price: £9.00 GBP Gorgeous Mood Ring. Regular price: £11.00 GBP Magnetic Hematite Mood Ring. Regular price: £11.00 GBP.

About Best Mood Rings. Best Mood Rings is a collection of timeless mood jewelry. We saw a need to create beautiful, colorful designs for those who love mood.