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After Tumblr NSFW ban, these adult communities are rising popular sites to post adult content

These 4 sites have emerged as alternatives for Tumblr users in the wake of Tumblr said last year it was banning "adult content" from its platform in order TALENTED artists joining up and not everything they post is NSFW.

Which is best alternative for Tumblr to share adult content? sexually explicit content, when most other popular social media websites don't?.

Now that Tumblr's deleting adult content, content creators need to find Tumblr This leaves many users worried about where they can post their X-rated content. websites of the early 2000s, and became famous for its X-rated content.

Tumblr's ban on NSFW/adult content decimated the platform's kink BDSMLR has since clarified that posting links to sites like ManyVids.