Home Gardening: Pruning to Renovate Old Fruit Trees - how to prune mature fruit trees


1210 - Pruning Mature Fruit Trees - PlantTalk Colorado how to prune mature fruit trees

Most fruit trees benefit from yearly pruning in late winter or early spring. Pruning when the trees are dormant helps to prevent the spread of disease.

Old, overgrown apples and pear trees can still be attractive and productive This method of pruning is suitable for old, overgrown apples and pears. Older fruit trees are valuable for wildlife and 'structure' and a focal point in the garden.

This article covers pruning old and neglected fruit trees, if you would like to learn how to prune younger or freshly planted trees please read 'An.

cut. Pruning Overgrown Fruit Trees by Jim Gormely. Several years ago I moved to a new property, which had a large variety of mature fruit trees in various stages.