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Dungeon Siege 3 nude skins pack Unpack nude mod to the Dungeon Siege 3 main directory and overwrite files Enjoy!:).

+ Desktop nude patch (586). + Blond Girls (251); + Brown Babes (85); + Brunette Girls (124); + Fair Hair Babes (75); + Red Hair Babes (33); Bloodstained: Ritual.

Mod Title: LoA_CutieGirl_Revived_v2 (Contains Nudity) into your C: Program Files/Microsoft Games/Dungeon Siege/Resources folder.

DS4Elben100 female elf skins and character creation (will conflict with other character creation mods) DS4Nude004 (female X Skins Nude Skin Mod. blogs: Oh by the way you are not dumb for liking to play Dungeon Siege. I have been .