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Clitoral Priapism with No Known Risk Factors clitoris permanent increased sensitivity

Have you tried using recent invention that uses a gentle suckling pattern? Examples are the 'Womanizer' & 'Satisfyer Pro 2'. It uses a small silicone funnel that.

Clitoral priapism is a rare condition that is associated with an extended The patient described her pain as constant, aching and sharp, and feared she cut loss of sensation, increased swelling, or persistent or worsening pain after 48 hours.

The pelvic nerves appear to subserve sensation from the vagina while It is believed that the increase of clitoral intracavernosal and vaginal.

Unless you're experiencing other symptoms, an enlarged clitoris usually isn't cause for concern. Here's what may be causing it, what to watch for, and more. It's important to talk to your doctor about how you're feeling.